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Saturday, 8 October 2011


Well, Here I am again. I cant believe it is two months since I blogged.  I have been following everyone else's blogs and enjoying them very much.  What have I been doing.  A little holiday in Connemara. Sitting catching my breath after a hill walk in Connemara National Park
This is Kylemore Abbey.  Well worth a visit if you're in this part of the world.  It was a glorious day and most of the visitors we saw were not english speaking.  It was as if we were in a different country.
These are the formal gardens at the Abbey. In the process of being restored to their former glory.  The backdrop of mountains everywhere made it a perfect holiday break for me and DH.

Still working at my BOM Pond House.  I am waaaay behind, but aim to catch up now the winter evenings are on the horizon.

I made this bag for my friend's significant birthday.  She had a holiday in Cyprus recently and took it along.   The little dachsie bag went inside, as my friend has a well loved dachshund.

 Shh about this one. DD is 37 on Monday and it is for her car.  Do you like the label?  Printed with my inkjet printer after I saw a 'how to' on Oops-lah's blog. Love it.
 This is what I missed when we went to Connemara.  First time ever, a balloon festival near my hometown.  Hope they come back next year.
 Made this little girlie from a tutorial by Beth of love laugh quilt.  It became a tombola prize and was won by a boy who was a bit put out.  His mum loved it though, so it will have a good home.
A little glimpse of what I do while waiting at the school gate each Thursday.  My day to pick up my grandchildren.
I noticed this hanging in a coffee house at Portstewart Baptist Church.  I was there last week for a women's conference.  Thought it was lovely.

Another prize for the tombola at the open day at A Little Horse Trust.  The woman who won it was so delighted I got several hugs during the afternoon.  She was in charge of the pony games demonstration, and stopped to hug me each time she passed 'Her' quilt.
Well, girls, this has become something of a marathon.  Will try to keep up to date in future. Blessings, B x.