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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Live Writer does it for me

I have tried Live Writer, Needled Mom.  Looks like it may work for me.  So here goes.  I have two pics about ALQS8 to share.  I sent this to Marei in Sacramento IMG_1746 and I received this2014-03-07 12.48.05from Beth. I must say I love this, and have it displayed in my little sewing room.

I had a little lace to add to GD’s tutu.  Here it is pinned only.2014-03-10 17.03.04  Of course I let her away without taking the completed pic.

I did a little spring cleaning yesterday, and made a couple of cushion covers to brighten up our small sunroom.2014-03-17 12.10.342014-03-17 11.14.472014-03-17 12.55.04Amber appreciates her freshly laundered bed.  The laundry basket is her domain.  It is a long time since it’s been used for laundry.  I filled it with old cushion pads and her ‘other’ rugs. What a spoiled lady.2014-03-17 14.04.34I dont know how clear this is. Although she has choice of two drinking bowls, she prefers the watering can……which DH keeps topped up for her.

What am I sewing now?  I am still working on my Happy Scrappy Spring by Kaaren.  My niece wants me to enter it in the  home industries class at our local agricultural show…….we will see.  2014-03-17 14.29.22I have just two more carrots to applique, then i hope to quilt it very simply myself.  After all that newsy stuff, I hope this does work. xx

Sunday, 9 March 2014

March already

Hi, I haven't blogged for a while I know.  It has been a difficult winter for us.  My dear, nearly 91yr old mum died on 3rd February after a couple of months of illness. What can I say, except, I miss her.  We all do.  I remember a friend telling me when her husband died suddenly, how she felt the rest of the world should stop.  Its been a bit like that for us.  She was a big part of my day to day routine, so there are gaps I am finding it hard to fill. We cant keep our parents forever, and I am blessed to have had her with me for so many years.  I did get around to some sewing, which is very therapeutic.  I was taking part in A Little Quilt Swap 8. Organised by Kate North.  I finished my quilt and it went to Sacramento to live with Marei........ :(   
For the last two days I have tried and tried to attach pictures to this blog.  It just wont happen.  I am going to try one more goes.   Well, that was a no.  I don't know what has happened.  I am at a loss to know what to do.  Who wants to read a lot of blethers without some pics to enjoy.  I think I will finish this blog and try a fresh one later.  Maybe I need some techie training.  I am obviously doing something wrong. Bye for now.