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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Pets on Quilts

Did anyone say carrots
Do you like my hair?
Today I visited my daughter's home to see if any of the pets would co-operate with a bit of quilty photography. Well, I am not sure what they thought. Horses think quilts are big scary things to be avoided at all costs.  Dogs will do anything for a treat. Here are my two favourites. I tried toenterboth but got stuck with the technical stuff.  However, the one I entered is my favourite.
The dogs didn't quite get the point. Posing isn't in their job description.
The only thing is treats.
A couple of other models almost won my favourite choice

This was fun.  Now I have to work out how to enter my choices to the competition. Pets on Quilts

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Another little quilt

I received this lovely little quilt from Vreni  this morning. As I made two little quilts for the swap I was blessed to receive 2.  I love this very much Vreni, and the little surprise mini squares of Moda Color me happy.
I have been playing with a couple of patterns for small gift bags.  I think I like the blue and white duo best.

My day has started well.  Did the weekly shop, got happy mail.  GD is coming to visit. Mmmh! I am blessed to be able to enjoy good health, family and good friends. Bye for now.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

ALQS 10 and more

Summer Days

the back

Dancing in the rain
For a few years now I have taken part in A Little Quilt Swap.  Its been going 10years this year and is organised very well by Kate North.  This year I made two little quilts, and one of them, Summer Days, went to Mary whose little quilt was the very first one I received in round 4. I was sooo delighted.  The other went to Barbara,who happily received hers a few days ago. Barbara's had machine appliqued umbrellas and raindrops and I called it dancing in the rain.  This morning I received a package from Ramona with this beautiful little quilt. I just love it.
I am really enjoying this round of ALQS.  It is so good to be able to exchange quilts with such talented ladies from around the world. 

D1 had her birthday in mid July. We always take a photo of her and our two grandchildren. I think this is lovely, though GD has cut her hair since, and looks completely different.
I just added this as I think it is a lovely Clematis which grows in D1's garden.  And now for a completely unrelated little joke. The older I get the more I understand it completely. Blessings, Bx