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Friday, 17 August 2012


I made this little quilt for A Little Quilt Swop 7.  It is a dresden plate machined to a cinnamon background. Some random straight line quilting and hand stitched stars. Also little red beads on the points, which I may remove and restitch so the hole in the bead is not looking straight at you :(

Saturday, 11 August 2012

A tragedy..just a small one.

As tragedys go it is a mere blip, but I could have cried.  I saw a pattern for a little quilt by a lady called Helen Hazon.  I liked it, so tried my version with fabrics from my stash collection of fabric.  All seemed to be going well.  Helen's version had black ric rac.  I had some RED which matched my dark fabric.
I added a touch of colour to the back.
When I mark fabric I use frixion pens by Pilot.  The marks can be removed after stitching by applying heat ie a hairdryer or AN IRON :(
I usually blow warm air on, it works a charm.  This time I thought I would give it a pat with THE IRON. ric rac wasnt cotton...the IRON got covered in red melted ric rac and transferred it to my geese. 
 I'm too far on to start and rip back.  I will keep it and love it but feeling BAD.
That's me... today... 11th August 2012.
Another lesson learned the hard way:[

update No 2

June passed.  I did a little stitching. No photos, sorry.  July, and No 1 daughter had a significant birthday.
Grandson is getting taller and taller.  The garden is enjoying all the rain, even if we grumble.
I joined in with Jess & Jess's how far will you Go QAL.  Here is my first block.
August already.
Off to Longleat Safari Park with No.1 D. and Grandaughter.
                                            The orangerie, where we had snacks in the cafe.
Feeding a giraffe......a lifetime dream for Sarah.
                                           View of Longleat House from the boat on the lake.
PATCH at the play area.  Patch was made by Sarah with a little help from granny B.  She pieced scraps and cut the pattern from the resulting fabric, hence his name.  He came on holiday with us and was photographed in many unusual places.
                                                                        The steam train.
Stonehenge, not far from Longleat.

                                                                            We had a great time.
                                            Update No 2 brings me fairly up to date.  Next blog.......a tragedy ;)      

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Summer update No 1

Ok. So I need to blog. I'll not get away with reading all your lovely blogs forever, and not blogging myself, so here goes.
                        First of all I have no excuses.......welllll...maybe laziness, does that count.
This is part of the campus of Galway University where The International Quilt Festival of Ireland was held for the first time.  I spent 3 days here in June, and was overwhelmed by the quilts and fabric items I saw. This is the Quilt village Mayor in his Irish Tweed waistcoat.

He was very friendly, and we had a long chat and examined that waistcoat, as my friend Chris wanted to make one....she even bought the tweed at the traders market.
Here is Chris in the quilted flower garden.  As well as quilts there were flowers of every shape and size made from fabric.  The basket was even made from woven fabric tubes.

Yes the tulips are fabric too.  I am sorry I cant identify the makers of these beautiful items, as I was so overwhelmed by the beautiful quilts I didnt take note of the quilters names.  So, if you see any of your work here let me know.
The quilters chocolate shop had chocolate themed quilts including this huge cupcake
and a beautiful quilt which I cant see in my photos.  This one is lovely too. Will add the other if I find it.
These small hands were sent as greeting from all over the world. They were displayed in the reception foyer. I had a great weekend with a group of ladies I had never met before, and made some new quilty friends.  I have loads of pics, but my photography is not good, so I will have to improve on that. 
 OK, update Number 1. love to all. Plan to blog again soon. B.