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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Pets on quilts audition.

We Do have 2 pets in this house. Amber, who is definitely a quilt cat.  She tests everything that looks newly quilted, for comfort. Here she is eyeing up my newly quilted Pond house by lynetteanderson a couple of years ago.  And Penny who is an old lady of 15 and loves the comfort a quilt brings to her bones.
As you can see Amber has curled up in the dog bed and Penny has stretched out on her little quilt. She has a number of them placed around the house, and, though blind, she can find each one without a bother.

Here Amber found a pile of small quilts I have received through taking part in A Little Quilt Swap.  She's a bit like the princess and the pea. The more quilts the better. Sorry to anyone who recognises their work. I did not give my permission for her to sit here. I swiftly removed her after the cute photo.
I do have a favourite photo though, which I am frantically searching for, so I can enter it in Pets on Quilts over at Lilypad Quilting
I'm searching, I'm searching.

 Found these two as more evidence that she is a quilt cat. When the Pondhouse was spread out on the bed, she was the first to try it out.
 This isn't quite a quilt, as it is a commercially produced tree skirt, buuuuut, Amber thought it was good enough to wait for santa on.
This is the one I was looking for. She curled up beside me on this little throw and I flipped the corner up thinking she would go and find somewhere else to sit.........Not likely.  I got the look that says 'I am quite happy here thank you'  Ah well, I cant be cross with her, so I am going to have to continue brushing the cat hair off all her favourite quilty places.