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Thursday, 21 July 2016

And about time too

I see I haven't blogged since March.  That's par for the course. A few things have happened around here.  None of them world events, although if you go into politics (but I wont go there). I have enjoyed sewing constantly, from little zipper pouches, to baby blankets, to a kingsize quilt at the request of D2. I have a new laptop, a gift from D2 for my 70th birthday. I am finding it hard to get used to, but I am getting there.  All the pics and files from my old laptop are stored on an external drive, so I am hither and thither trying to find the images I need.

 This is for my sister when she moved into her new apartment. I love quilts with legs.
 A cushion for my friend Maureen.
 D2bought me this scissor hooks.  It is just perfect for my sewing room.
 I started this quiltalongby Kaaren Johnston of The Painted Quilt last summer.  DH liked it at this stage, so it became a wall hanging for the bedroom.  I would love to make the whole quilt sometime.
 Well, one of the events in the past few months was a  significant birthday and my friends from church treated me to a great barbecue with gifts and lots of fun and laughter.  I was completely surprised.
 The family who hosted the barbecue run a kennels and cattery, and also host our biblestudy group.  I  made this for them as a thankyou to present on the night, as I thought it was just an end of year celebration for the group. Silly me. Oh so easily fooled.
 Here is a baby quilt for a yet to be born little girl.  The first granddaughter of one of my friends.
 A wee peek at the back of one of my little quilts for ALQS 10. I made two this time.  The swap hasn't taken place yet so I will show more later.
This is the back of a quilt I made from my late mother's pyjamas. She loved cotton pyjamas but in her later years didn't like the jackets, and wore soft t shirts instead, so had all these jackets which were such pretty cotton.  She offered them to me, and who am I to refuse cotton.
Here is the front.  Hexies appliqued on to white cotton and machine quilted as you go.  My first quilt made this way.  It is lovely and soft and I like it very much. Enough is enough.Sorry about the long picture gallery.
This the last, I promise.  D2's bedsize quilt ready for the quilter. She saw a throw I had made for my sis, (forgot to take pic) and asked could I make her a bedsize one with Japanese prints.  It's off to Nicolato be quilted this week, and I will try to get a proper photo when it comes back.  Now I am off to enjoy a wee bit of the sunshine while I may. Bye for now.