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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Step 2 finished

Another wet day….seems to be the story of summer this year, and I got stage 2 of Mystery Quilt Along done.  I like it even more.2015-07-28 16.57.33
Waiting with bated breath for the next stage Kaaren.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Mystery Quilt-Along

Well, as I may have said before, Kaaren caught me at just the right time….between projects.  I jumped at the chance to take part in this Mystery Quilt-Along.  I have been having fun already, and cant wait to see what’s next. Thank You Kaaren.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Some scrappy Fun

Yes, you can believe your eyes.  I am blogging twice in the same week.  I just wanted to share some fun I have been having.  I joined in a Mystery Quiltalong that Kaaren is offering.  I have just fallen in love with these little houses.  It rained this evening, so I had just the excuse to play along.

Here is my effort so far2015-07-16 19.18.40

I love them.

The Quiltalong came along at just the right time.  I had finished my second Safe Harbor, IMG_2629also designed by Kaaren, and had nothing else started. Though, I have a couple of 50th Birthday quilts to do before Nov/Dec.  I’ll start those soon.  We are hoping for a dry day tomorrow to take Safe Harbor to Nicola to be quilted. Doesnt look promising at the minute. Of course, it would be another good opportunity to make more little houses. Bye for now.x

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Safe Harbor 2,cat quilt, ships and baby geese.

I think I will have to start a diary on the laptop, so I will be reminded what has been going on since I last blogged.  My niece’s cat Enzo loves to curl up on my sil’s quilt, so I thought he needed one of his own.  A few disappearing 9 patch blocks later, and he seems to agree with me.


The tall ships were in Belfast at the beginning of July. GD, D2 and I spent a great day admiring them and eating lots of unhealthy/tasty snacks from the international markets. My new favourite food is sweet potato fries.2015-07-02 12.57.42

I saw a tutorial for this little box on Pintrest and thought I would give it a try.  Two friends want one. I think I will point them to the tut and say have-a-go.2015-07-01 16.21.49

My second Safe Harbor quilt top is finished and ready for the quilter. Planning to take it on Friday.

The sun came out just when I needed it, and DH had just cut the grass/moss, so it was just right for my photo shoot. This is a big quilt, so I put the flowers beside it to get some perspective.


2015-07-11 08.45.46The baby geese in the park are growing fast.  There are lots of baby birds, ducks, swans, geese and even a couple of crested Grebe chicks this year.


Cats do love quilts. Here is Amber on a pile of little quilts I have received from participants of A Little Quilt Swap.  She found them on the bed, and thought she would try them for size/comfort.

Talk again soon. Barbara.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Here I am again......Still quilting

I have been very poor at the blogging as usual.  I have been sewing some, and enjoying seeing the final result of my Pondhouse quilt by Lynette Anderson, which I have had longarm quilted by Nicola Dougherty Roe.  I just love it.
Here it is in the Home Industries Section of our local Agricultural Show. Excuse the chairs, it was displayed in the school. If you look at the top right you will see a red ticket.  Pondhouse won first prize, and this cup.20150608_190240
I have made a few of these20150414_212014
This one went to France with my grandaughter’s exchange student.
My little quilt from A Little Quilt Swap went to Marie in USA.  It is a paper pieced Backgammon Board.2015-03-14 10.39.42The mini daffodils were out, so I photographed it with them…mini with minis.
I received a most beautiful little quilt from Mary in England20150516_120114Just now I am trying to complete a second Safe Harbor quilt designed by Kaaren Johnston of The Painted Quilt. I love the first one to bits.2014-12-31 09.57.10  It was longarm quilted also by Nicola Doherty Roe.
In May my D2 and I were at an event where Jennie Rayment was speaking. She inspired me to consider putting a bit of texture into my quilting.  I havent done anything yet, but made this little sample of twisted pleats the next day while I was still pumped up and full of ideas………hope they come to pass.20150515_180637
This is all I I I. Thanks are due to all the gifted and talented quilters who design and inspire me. My part is to enjoy doing the quilty things.
Today is sunny and bright.  To finish off I have a pic to leave with you.  I did not take it, but it has such awe factor, I thought you would enjoy it.  Thank you all who follow and are patient with my ramblings, or lack of them.  I will try to do better.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

January ends with some white stuff

Hi everyone.  I have actually blogged twice in one month……..just about.  It has been a cold dull January until the past couple of days, when the snow came.IMG_2364 Now everything looks pretty and clean, and the sun shining on the white white stuff just brightens up the day        IMG_2355.
I havent done much sewing.  I am working on my quilt for GD who chose the fabric herself.  It is Guttermann fabric. The block is a disappearing hour glass.  I saw it on youtube with the missouri quilt company’s Jenny.
I like the block, but it needs very careful stitching and cutting, or things go haywire.  I have already two blocks that wont belong, as I cut them wrong.
Ah well, they will be good for a pillow or something.
14th Feb.
I didnt quite finish did I?
I kept going with GD’s quilt, and she loves it.IMG_2366IMG_2367IMG_2373IMG_20150204_134616
I have a couple of little bags made as gifts.  Cant find the pics, so I am off to see what happened to them…….technology gets to me sometimes.IMG_20150210_224857Found one.
The weather is once more better for walking in my favourite place, the park.  The first day there was still a skim of ice on the lake and the birds were ‘walking on thin ice’IMG_20150206_142810-1-1Next day was much better, and this swan family came looking for food.  They had only one grown cygnet.
IMG_20150207_093645-1Finally, on a stitching note.  I have been having another go at foundation piecing.  I say ‘a go’ as I am convinced my brain is not wired to understand it.  I know what to do, but I end up reverse sewing.  However I am getting there.  Will reveal in a couple of months……yes, it will take that long.       
 Bye for now.Red heartHappy Valentine’s Day.            IMG_20150209_185233

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Sew North and Safe Harbor

I havent blogged in ages and ages.  I have had a great summer, and enjoyed the sunny weather.  At the beginning of September, D2 and I went to Sew North at Buncrana,2014-09-13 09.11.00 organised by Gaye Grant of The Fennel Shed,  with a bunch of lovely ladies from The Cotton Shed.  We dined with the President of Ireland Michael D Higgins, (who just happened to be staying at our hotel) we saw some beautiful quilts,2014-09-13 11.33.34 and the weather was fabulous, showing off the Inishowen peninsula to its very best.  We did a workshop with Linda from The Cotton Shed. Making a candlemat in woolfelt. Find her on Facebook.  We visited The Famine Village, where we were treated to a fantastic history lesson.  I didnt get the guide’s name, but boy could he talk about Donegal/Irish history, as it affected the people of Inishowen. 
On the Saturday the ladies of The Fennel Shed opened an extra hour especially for us, so we had an opportunity to buy up those necessary fat quarters and metres of the very fabric we were looking for.
I have been beavering  away at Safe Harbor, by Kaaren Johnston.2014-09-05 18.12.02  I have the final border on, and plan to have it longarm quilted.  This is the first time I have had a quilt LAQ.  I am really looking forward to the finished article.
I have  just found this in my drafts today 1st Jan 2015, so I will post before I do my NYpost.

August to December and a couple of finishes.

I have become really lazy about the blogging.  Sorry to those kind people who follow my almost nonexistant blog. I have continued to sew through the past 5 months.  I completed a full size quilt and 2014-12-31 09.57.102014-12-27 20.10.22                     had it long-arm quilted. Safe Harbor is a design by Kaaren Johnston of The Painted Quilt. 

I tried something different and entered it in a competition. I didnt win, but my little quilt was ‘published’ with photos of all the other entries.  I was chuffed to bits.       2014-05-19 17.44.54       2014-05-24 09.20.57                                             I stuck in, this week and finished all the blocks for my Pondhouse by Lynette Anderson, which has been on the go for……..4?years.This is the last log cabin block. Yay! Only two borders to attach and I will be ready for quilting.  I would like to attempt hand quilting, but it is sooo big.2014-12-31 18.22.56 

I made table decorations for Christmas2015-01-01 14.19.03 and two lovely flannel cushions for my favourite Auntie, oh, and a table runner for my cousin in Scotland.IMG_2300 2014-11-25 21.31.02 Yes, I have been busy.  I tried a wool felt workshop, and got hooked enough to make a few Christmas gifts.2014-09-14 11.19.442014-12-09 14.23.17

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year 2015.

Perhaps I will keep up with my blogging.  That sounds like a maybe NY resolution. Bx