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Saturday, 14 February 2015

January ends with some white stuff

Hi everyone.  I have actually blogged twice in one month……..just about.  It has been a cold dull January until the past couple of days, when the snow came.IMG_2364 Now everything looks pretty and clean, and the sun shining on the white white stuff just brightens up the day        IMG_2355.
I havent done much sewing.  I am working on my quilt for GD who chose the fabric herself.  It is Guttermann fabric. The block is a disappearing hour glass.  I saw it on youtube with the missouri quilt company’s Jenny.
I like the block, but it needs very careful stitching and cutting, or things go haywire.  I have already two blocks that wont belong, as I cut them wrong.
Ah well, they will be good for a pillow or something.
14th Feb.
I didnt quite finish did I?
I kept going with GD’s quilt, and she loves it.IMG_2366IMG_2367IMG_2373IMG_20150204_134616
I have a couple of little bags made as gifts.  Cant find the pics, so I am off to see what happened to them…….technology gets to me sometimes.IMG_20150210_224857Found one.
The weather is once more better for walking in my favourite place, the park.  The first day there was still a skim of ice on the lake and the birds were ‘walking on thin ice’IMG_20150206_142810-1-1Next day was much better, and this swan family came looking for food.  They had only one grown cygnet.
IMG_20150207_093645-1Finally, on a stitching note.  I have been having another go at foundation piecing.  I say ‘a go’ as I am convinced my brain is not wired to understand it.  I know what to do, but I end up reverse sewing.  However I am getting there.  Will reveal in a couple of months……yes, it will take that long.       
 Bye for now.Red heartHappy Valentine’s Day.            IMG_20150209_185233