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Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer and cross stitch

I Havent much quilty to blog about. The weather has been really good, so outside becons.  The pipeband championship was held in the park this week.  I really enjoyed it, must be my scottish blood.  My niece’s girls and hubby are involved, and with all those tartans and hundreds of people around, I managed to find them. Z’s pink sunglasses  drew my attention.IMG_2134IMG_2135IMG_2162

L has been doing this since she was little. Now at 16 she is very skilled.

I did a few cross stitched pictures for baby cards for the church.  I like to have a few in hand in case we have a baby boom.2014-06-12 18.15.08

2014-06-23 18.01.32Bought myself this little treat.  Dont know what I will do with it yet, but it is sitting nicely in my stash til then. Luv to

Monday, 9 June 2014

The walk of shame and Convergence

I have to confess.  I am so ashamed. What have I done you ask?  It’s more like what have I not done.  This afternoon I was sewing away merrily on my Convergence quilt, see below, when my trusty machine began to make horrendous noises, and nasty loose stitches.  I didnt know what was wrong, thought it might be the bobbin cover which seemed loose.  I stopped and decided to take a couple of pics of the quilt so far.  That done, I pulled out the manual for my faithful friend.  I turned to the maintenance section………well, have you caught on yet.  I saw the instructions for cleaning and oiling.  I opened the needle plate and was horrified to find lint the size and colour of a small fieldmouse. Boy was I ashamed. I admit I didnt do the maintenance/cleaning bit in all the years I have had her. Almost 8.  Sooooo… she got lots of tlc, a needle change, and bless her she is sewing like a dream.  What a bad stitcher am I.

Here is the convergence quilt, not quite finished.  I have enjoyed this, and would be tempted to do another sometime soon.2014-06-09 17.35.292014-06-09 17.40.24

Thank you for listening /reading my confession.  I have learned my lesson….really I have.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

A bit of Catch-up

Well, I didnt last long with the ‘blog every week’ resolution.  I just seemed to get busy.  What was I doing……I’ll have to think about that.  Lets have a look at where I was last blog…..27th April! I can hardly believe that.  Where have the five weeks gone.  I went to Scotland as a surprise for my Auntie on her birthday.  Had a great couple of days, but not many photos. This very peaceful scene at the front of my cousin’s house where I stayed.2014-05-02 19.23.52

2014-05-06 11.47.59

Then DH and I went to Donegal. This is a pic of the cliffs at Slieve  Liag (league). The weather was not great, but we had this cosy stove for the evenings.


A local church held a lovely quilt exhibition in our neighbouring town.  There were some beautiful quilts, and lots of inspiration.  This is something new for my neighbourhood, and was a great hit. Here are a few pics.2014-05-23 18.50.372014-05-23 17.55.002014-05-23 17.55.18IMG_1925I loaned my Scrappy Happy Spring.

Summer has brought new life to the lake in our park.  This swan had 5 babies and seemed to be waiting for the other 3 eggs to hatch.  Sadly, as I walked this morning I noticed the eggs still there, and the family gone to swim at the other side of the lake.

2014-06-03 09.25.44-2

We also have a family of 5 goslings to add to the growing goose flock.2014-06-02 09.20.46I entered a quilt in the home industries part of our local agricultural show. The first show I ever entered.2014-06-07 17.06.04Am I just a little proud to be acknowledged.  This is the quilt that won.  It is not well displayed, as there is a window behind it.2014-06-07 15.44.01Th photo doesnt do it justice.

I will finish with a peek at something I have made for a competition.  I will show all after the judging is done.  I am getting into this Smile.2014-05-20 14.45.46

Finally, finally I bought Ricky Tims book and am in the process of trying this technique. More photos to follow.

2014-06-08 18.12.09

This will take practice, but I love it. B.