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Sunday, 8 June 2014

A bit of Catch-up

Well, I didnt last long with the ‘blog every week’ resolution.  I just seemed to get busy.  What was I doing……I’ll have to think about that.  Lets have a look at where I was last blog…..27th April! I can hardly believe that.  Where have the five weeks gone.  I went to Scotland as a surprise for my Auntie on her birthday.  Had a great couple of days, but not many photos. This very peaceful scene at the front of my cousin’s house where I stayed.2014-05-02 19.23.52

2014-05-06 11.47.59

Then DH and I went to Donegal. This is a pic of the cliffs at Slieve  Liag (league). The weather was not great, but we had this cosy stove for the evenings.


A local church held a lovely quilt exhibition in our neighbouring town.  There were some beautiful quilts, and lots of inspiration.  This is something new for my neighbourhood, and was a great hit. Here are a few pics.2014-05-23 18.50.372014-05-23 17.55.002014-05-23 17.55.18IMG_1925I loaned my Scrappy Happy Spring.

Summer has brought new life to the lake in our park.  This swan had 5 babies and seemed to be waiting for the other 3 eggs to hatch.  Sadly, as I walked this morning I noticed the eggs still there, and the family gone to swim at the other side of the lake.

2014-06-03 09.25.44-2

We also have a family of 5 goslings to add to the growing goose flock.2014-06-02 09.20.46I entered a quilt in the home industries part of our local agricultural show. The first show I ever entered.2014-06-07 17.06.04Am I just a little proud to be acknowledged.  This is the quilt that won.  It is not well displayed, as there is a window behind it.2014-06-07 15.44.01Th photo doesnt do it justice.

I will finish with a peek at something I have made for a competition.  I will show all after the judging is done.  I am getting into this Smile.2014-05-20 14.45.46

Finally, finally I bought Ricky Tims book and am in the process of trying this technique. More photos to follow.

2014-06-08 18.12.09

This will take practice, but I love it. B.


  1. Great to read your update and hear what you've been up to recently. Congratulations to the "Very Highly Commended". That's fantastic and well earned. Looking forward to see what you are working on now.

  2. Sounds like it was a busy time with travels. Congratulations on the acknowledgement of your work. The convergence quilts look so good. Have fun.