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Saturday, 31 August 2013

daily blog - day 2

The second day, and I am beginning to panic.  What can I blog about each day.  There is a fabric/quilty bit which is good.  Well, here goes.
The morning was easy. Apart from one little foray to the paint shop for hubby. I had a slow start til 11am. Penny and I had a short walk. Since she became blind I am trying to teach her some signals that will keep her from bumping into things.  It's slow going, but she enjoys getting out as much as ever.

 Hubby, D2 and I then set off to find a fabric shop.  I had met the owner at some of the quilt and craft shows over the past two years, and had heard she had moved to a Moravian village called Gracehill.  Of course, I forgot to take photos of this lovely village.  I did buy some fabric, and here it is.....
I know it is only the last day of August, but the one on the left is for a Christmas throw for D2.  The fabric on the left,(right, I meant right, honestly) some white on white, a little nautical piece or two.  I am starting to gather fabric for Safe Harbor.........cant start too soon.
On the way home from Fiddlesticks Fabrics we stopped here....
Along the shores of Lough Neagh.  There is a lovely walk along the river, which is used by the yacht club as a safe harbour for their boats, that ends in beautiful gardens and a coffee shop, mmh! Nice end to the afternoon.

Friday, 30 August 2013

The daily Blog

What do you think girls. Could I blog daily.  We'll see...
I have taken my mum to the hairdresser.
She always feels better after the hair is washed.

Just having a cuppa in my favourite Ballydougan Pottery cup as I wait for my hubby to come home.  We are going to buy paint.He plans to paint D3's stables.  I am going to be a paint widow. Once he starts something he keeps going til its finished.
I cleared the decks and made a few more log cabins for my Pondhouse.  I'm sure you are all fed up hearing about it, but I am determined to get to the end asap.

my sis just dropped by with these from her greenhouse.  The little ones are a sweet as plums.
I am amazed that I had so much to blog about in an ordinary day.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Safe Harbor/Northern Lights

I walked through the park this morning to the local wool shop where I could buy some Anchor embroidery cotton to finish  the redwork on a pattern I am working on........  we'll talk about that another time.  As I passed the fountain the water was catching the sunlight, and it  was beautiful.  Unfortunately I only had my phone with me, so it was a case of point and shoot, and hope for the best.  I cant see the image on my phone in bright daylight.  It's not too bad, but doesn't do the real thing justice.
A copy of the pattern Safe Harbor by Kaaren Johnston of The Painted Quilt.
I am so pleased, I am like a child on Christmas morning. Thank you soooo much Kaaren.
I had a good look through it, and cant wait to get started.  Need a little shopping trip though :-)
Lots of exciting things to look forward to during the winter.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Cooler, A win, and something new

Hi everyone. It is a lot cooler here now, but not cold by any means. The energy levels are better.  I really want to get started to something new ( well, I have done) My suggestion of Safe Harbour as a name for Kaaren's lovely quilt has won me a copy of her pattern.
 Follow the link to The Painted Quilt.  I cant wait to have it in my hands and start choosing fabric for it.  In the meantime,

 I have started to the redwork for her FFF Happy Scrappy Easter.  I never did redwork before, and am enjoying it so much.  In fact I could become addicted, and therefore more skilled as I work. I really want to do Kaaren's patterns justice, as they are so beautiful, and she is so skilled herself. 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Hottest July,Autumn Hoedown and stuff

Apparently this has been the hottest July on record.  I must say some of the days were a wee bit much for me.  I found the shady corner, and did a little hand stitching and reading and lots of cool drinks in that spot over the month of July.  We went to Castlewellan Forest Park on 21st.  It was Baltic (meaning verrrrry cold in this neck of the woods) we couldn't believe we had chosen the one wet and windy day to go walking in the woods.  However, round the coast a bit we had a lovely sheltered afternoon at Strangford, enjoying an icecream...yes it was warm enough there.
The hot weather continued, and D1 and GD and I hit the north coast for a day.  It was great to enjoy the soft breeze on the beach and the two brave ones had a go on some of the fairground rides at Barry's.

I managed in the cool of the day to finish this top which I called Autumn Hoedown.
I have started something Kaaren if you see this.
  Dont hold your breath waiting for the finish, but I am enjoying it so much, I may get along more quickly than I think. Aiming for spring.  Thank you again for this FFF. To find the pattern follow my link to
This little book bag was made from scraps, following a pattern in a magazine.  It is destined to raise some funds for A Little Horse Trust, a local Trust offering a service to the community.
Well, that's all for this post. I am not blogging as much as some of you great bloggers out there, but I do read yours.........Is that a bit selfish?????  Nooooo. I learn so much and enjoy all your news.  I will try to keep up. Blessings, Bx