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Saturday, 31 August 2013

daily blog - day 2

The second day, and I am beginning to panic.  What can I blog about each day.  There is a fabric/quilty bit which is good.  Well, here goes.
The morning was easy. Apart from one little foray to the paint shop for hubby. I had a slow start til 11am. Penny and I had a short walk. Since she became blind I am trying to teach her some signals that will keep her from bumping into things.  It's slow going, but she enjoys getting out as much as ever.

 Hubby, D2 and I then set off to find a fabric shop.  I had met the owner at some of the quilt and craft shows over the past two years, and had heard she had moved to a Moravian village called Gracehill.  Of course, I forgot to take photos of this lovely village.  I did buy some fabric, and here it is.....
I know it is only the last day of August, but the one on the left is for a Christmas throw for D2.  The fabric on the left,(right, I meant right, honestly) some white on white, a little nautical piece or two.  I am starting to gather fabric for Safe Harbor.........cant start too soon.
On the way home from Fiddlesticks Fabrics we stopped here....
Along the shores of Lough Neagh.  There is a lovely walk along the river, which is used by the yacht club as a safe harbour for their boats, that ends in beautiful gardens and a coffee shop, mmh! Nice end to the afternoon.


  1. Lovely post! Well done and keep it up.
    PS: you dog is cute. Sorry about her blindness. Is she quite old?
    Have a lovely Sunday!
    Vreni xx

  2. Sounds like a nice day was had! It is awesome that you are teaching your dog signals.