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Monday, 28 February 2011

Ireland is not all green. There is yellow gorse, blue blue sea reflecting the blue blue syk. This pic taken May 2010. I love spring. It feels like it is just round the corner. Today was a day like that.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


IT HAS ARRIVED. My little quilt. All the way from Ohio. I love it, and immediately hung it in the place where this usually hangs.Now this lovely little quilt has pride of place next to my watercolour of a friend's cottage.(no, I didnt paint it, I should be so lucky to be that artistic) I know they are a bit close together, but, when we redecorated a few years ago I found myself with a little hook in the wall beside the painting. I didnt want to pull it out, so use it to hang small lovely items of needlework that mean something to me. I have some friends in tonight. Wonder will they notice. I know one of them will.

Bye for now. Barbara.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I'm back

Got my own laptop back. Ahhh! Good to be in touch again properly. D2 let me use hers, but I am soooo much happier that this baby is mended and back on line again. GD and I enjoyed the ballet immensely. There were so many little girls there, even some under 5s. You could have heard a pin drop, especially as the ballet progressed. I did wonder if all the littlies had gone to sleep. I also had an outing to the cinema with some friends. I missed my watch as we sat down, and as it was a gift from DH at Christmas, I was upset. However, one of my friends went above the call of duty, and crawled on the cinema floor til she found it. I was sooooo relieved. I decided to make her something by way of a thank you.

She keeps bees, so I used some of this fabric with beehives on it.I added some batiks that I bought at the quilt fair at Cavan County museum end of last summer.

Partly finished, I found it fitted neatly over my machine. It could make a good cover. mmmmh!

However, I continued and completed my version of 'Rachel's Bag' a pattern from The Fennel Shed, Buncrana, Co Donegal.
My friend loved it and plans to use it to keep her cross stitch projects in (she's on three different kits. Sounds familiar doesnt it).

Thursday, 3 February 2011

sick pc

Hi All, Taking my grandaughter to the ballet in two weeks. Dont know who is looking forward to that most. My laptop is giving out silly messages, so has to go visit the pc doc tomorrow, and wont be back for TWO WEEKS. I will try to blog using my daughters laptop, but am not too confident of success. Will miss your blogs. Take care and enjoy stitching :)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Birthday Quilt and mug rug

Hi everyone, I finally finished the quilt for D3's 30th birthday which is tomorrow. Was stitching the binding until almost midnight on Saturday. I started to take some pics of it outside today, as the sun is you can see, someone was curious.

I did scream inside my head, ddooooooooont dirty it. We dont shout at our cat, so I kept calm.

Maybe she will get down if I stay very still. However............

I think she approves of it. Her name is Amber, and we love her to bits, but have to gently remind her about showing respect for precious quilts. I lifted her down, and no harm done.

Now I could get down to doing something with the little house Beth sent out to all who took part in her quilty neighbourhood project. Really wanted something to remind me of the lovely women who have taught me so much since I started blogging, so.........I made a mug rug. It will sit beside my machine and I will be reminded of you all, whether I am having tea or not.