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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Perching,Christmas and Poor Penny

As I went into one of our local craft shops last week I noticed the large tile on the floor.  Wouldn't that make a great quilt block. 
just noticed I took a pic of my toes too.
I have started some Christmas sewing.  I know, it is a bit late.  I sewed today til my neck ached.  I wonder, do you perch on the edge of your chair when sewing, or sit back comfortably with your back well supported.  When I began to feel stiff and sore, I realised I was perched on the edge, so made a deliberate change to sitting properly.  It helped, but the damage was done. I sent for a few fat quarters to add to my stash collection. I include a sneak peek at todays sewing.  As it is a gift, I'd better keep it under my hat for a while. 

I had a little mishap with Penny.  I was clipping her claws and snipped one a bit short.  She bled all over the place, so I had to bandage her paw for a few hours.  To make up for my carelessness, I made her a new little quilt for her bed.  I still feel guilty though.