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Saturday, 17 September 2016

King Size finished. Road Trip and a little Christmas sewing.

I have just finished a king size quilt my D2 requested. She saw the pattern I used for a throw for my sis's 50th and thought she would love it in Japanese prints.  So after a bit of shopping at Harrogate last November, and some online shopping when we changed our minds about the border, the job is done.  In July we took it to Nicola to be longarm quilted, and here is the result.
We are very pleased with it.
Last weekend was a European Culture Weekend here, so we took advantage of the free entry to visit a couple of places we hadn't visited before, and one we just love to return to, because of the views.
The Ulster Aviation Society was our first stop.
Here we saw restored aircraft from the very basic, to world war 2 planes.  My parents were in the RAF and served at the site where the Society now operates from.  Mum was a driver and I am not sure what job dad did.  He wasn't a pilot, but some kind of ground support like mum.  This is where they met.
Next we went to a little church with a very interesting history linked to the forces.  We heard a talk by one of the members of the aviation society about the people from our country who were instrumental in the development of aircraft.  You could say we were flying.  It was all very interesting.
Next day we went to the north coast to Dunluce Castle, now a ruin, but once again a very worthwhile place to visit.
We made our first stop, on a very stormy though warm day, at the West Strand in Portrush.  The beach was much busier than this photo tells.  Lots of walkers with dogs, and young people in wet suits trying out the waves on body boards.  We had a cuppa from our picnic and a walk.  Then drove on to Dunluce.

This is one of the views along the coast at Dunluce.

The ruins, right on the cliffs.
Everything is kept very neat and tidy.
Onward again toward home, and we stopped at another viewpoint where it was nice and quiet, and we broke out the picnic lunch.  Then two large coaches arrived and poured out some very brave tourists who struggled against the wind and went along to the clifftop to look at the view.
We, cowards that we were, sat snugly in the car munching on our sandwiches.
Travelling on along the coast we stopped near Glenarrif where we found this sign to tell folk that Game of Thrones was filmed in the Glens of Antrim..

We noticed this possible fisherman sitting on a rock a good way from shore.  Apparently he changes position and clothes as the seasons come around, and he becomes Santa at Christmas.
For those worried about his safety........he is not a real man.
Altogether we had a lovely day.
And the Christmas sewing.
A little x st robin given a new look, and a wall hanging for someone who (Ihope) doesn't read my blog.
Blessings, Bx

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Pets on Quilts

Did anyone say carrots
Do you like my hair?
Today I visited my daughter's home to see if any of the pets would co-operate with a bit of quilty photography. Well, I am not sure what they thought. Horses think quilts are big scary things to be avoided at all costs.  Dogs will do anything for a treat. Here are my two favourites. I tried toenterboth but got stuck with the technical stuff.  However, the one I entered is my favourite.
The dogs didn't quite get the point. Posing isn't in their job description.
The only thing is treats.
A couple of other models almost won my favourite choice

This was fun.  Now I have to work out how to enter my choices to the competition. Pets on Quilts

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Another little quilt

I received this lovely little quilt from Vreni  this morning. As I made two little quilts for the swap I was blessed to receive 2.  I love this very much Vreni, and the little surprise mini squares of Moda Color me happy.
I have been playing with a couple of patterns for small gift bags.  I think I like the blue and white duo best.

My day has started well.  Did the weekly shop, got happy mail.  GD is coming to visit. Mmmh! I am blessed to be able to enjoy good health, family and good friends. Bye for now.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

ALQS 10 and more

Summer Days

the back

Dancing in the rain
For a few years now I have taken part in A Little Quilt Swap.  Its been going 10years this year and is organised very well by Kate North.  This year I made two little quilts, and one of them, Summer Days, went to Mary whose little quilt was the very first one I received in round 4. I was sooo delighted.  The other went to Barbara,who happily received hers a few days ago. Barbara's had machine appliqued umbrellas and raindrops and I called it dancing in the rain.  This morning I received a package from Ramona with this beautiful little quilt. I just love it.
I am really enjoying this round of ALQS.  It is so good to be able to exchange quilts with such talented ladies from around the world. 

D1 had her birthday in mid July. We always take a photo of her and our two grandchildren. I think this is lovely, though GD has cut her hair since, and looks completely different.
I just added this as I think it is a lovely Clematis which grows in D1's garden.  And now for a completely unrelated little joke. The older I get the more I understand it completely. Blessings, Bx

Thursday, 21 July 2016

And about time too

I see I haven't blogged since March.  That's par for the course. A few things have happened around here.  None of them world events, although if you go into politics (but I wont go there). I have enjoyed sewing constantly, from little zipper pouches, to baby blankets, to a kingsize quilt at the request of D2. I have a new laptop, a gift from D2 for my 70th birthday. I am finding it hard to get used to, but I am getting there.  All the pics and files from my old laptop are stored on an external drive, so I am hither and thither trying to find the images I need.

 This is for my sister when she moved into her new apartment. I love quilts with legs.
 A cushion for my friend Maureen.
 D2bought me this scissor hooks.  It is just perfect for my sewing room.
 I started this quiltalongby Kaaren Johnston of The Painted Quilt last summer.  DH liked it at this stage, so it became a wall hanging for the bedroom.  I would love to make the whole quilt sometime.
 Well, one of the events in the past few months was a  significant birthday and my friends from church treated me to a great barbecue with gifts and lots of fun and laughter.  I was completely surprised.
 The family who hosted the barbecue run a kennels and cattery, and also host our biblestudy group.  I  made this for them as a thankyou to present on the night, as I thought it was just an end of year celebration for the group. Silly me. Oh so easily fooled.
 Here is a baby quilt for a yet to be born little girl.  The first granddaughter of one of my friends.
 A wee peek at the back of one of my little quilts for ALQS 10. I made two this time.  The swap hasn't taken place yet so I will show more later.
This is the back of a quilt I made from my late mother's pyjamas. She loved cotton pyjamas but in her later years didn't like the jackets, and wore soft t shirts instead, so had all these jackets which were such pretty cotton.  She offered them to me, and who am I to refuse cotton.
Here is the front.  Hexies appliqued on to white cotton and machine quilted as you go.  My first quilt made this way.  It is lovely and soft and I like it very much. Enough is enough.Sorry about the long picture gallery.
This the last, I promise.  D2's bedsize quilt ready for the quilter. She saw a throw I had made for my sis, (forgot to take pic) and asked could I make her a bedsize one with Japanese prints.  It's off to Nicolato be quilted this week, and I will try to get a proper photo when it comes back.  Now I am off to enjoy a wee bit of the sunshine while I may. Bye for now.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

I am delighted to associate myself with this Quilt Swap, where I enjoy seeing the work of lovely quilters throughout the world.  Thank you Kate.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

1930s Farmers Wife Sew along

Ok, So I found this post, composed but not published.  I have made very slow progress with this, but have enjoyed seeing all the beautiful blocks others have made.
I have signed up to this sew along.  I am learning a lot of new things along the way. It is the 1930s Farmers Wife sampler quilt.  I havent received my book yet, and there are so many people taking part in this I wonder in my heart is there a book out there with my name on it. If there is I should get it this week.20151006_171302
the first three blocks Becky, Bonnie and Aunt20151007_101621the fourth is Betty
The fifth Caroline. I’m not so sure about this block. Not much contrast. Maybe I will make again.