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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Birthday Quilt and mug rug

Hi everyone, I finally finished the quilt for D3's 30th birthday which is tomorrow. Was stitching the binding until almost midnight on Saturday. I started to take some pics of it outside today, as the sun is you can see, someone was curious.

I did scream inside my head, ddooooooooont dirty it. We dont shout at our cat, so I kept calm.

Maybe she will get down if I stay very still. However............

I think she approves of it. Her name is Amber, and we love her to bits, but have to gently remind her about showing respect for precious quilts. I lifted her down, and no harm done.

Now I could get down to doing something with the little house Beth sent out to all who took part in her quilty neighbourhood project. Really wanted something to remind me of the lovely women who have taught me so much since I started blogging, so.........I made a mug rug. It will sit beside my machine and I will be reminded of you all, whether I am having tea or not.


  1. Our cat would do the same thing! Grrr. Your quilt is just gorgeous. I know it will have a special place.