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Monday, 8 June 2015

Here I am again......Still quilting

I have been very poor at the blogging as usual.  I have been sewing some, and enjoying seeing the final result of my Pondhouse quilt by Lynette Anderson, which I have had longarm quilted by Nicola Dougherty Roe.  I just love it.
Here it is in the Home Industries Section of our local Agricultural Show. Excuse the chairs, it was displayed in the school. If you look at the top right you will see a red ticket.  Pondhouse won first prize, and this cup.20150608_190240
I have made a few of these20150414_212014
This one went to France with my grandaughter’s exchange student.
My little quilt from A Little Quilt Swap went to Marie in USA.  It is a paper pieced Backgammon Board.2015-03-14 10.39.42The mini daffodils were out, so I photographed it with them…mini with minis.
I received a most beautiful little quilt from Mary in England20150516_120114Just now I am trying to complete a second Safe Harbor quilt designed by Kaaren Johnston of The Painted Quilt. I love the first one to bits.2014-12-31 09.57.10  It was longarm quilted also by Nicola Doherty Roe.
In May my D2 and I were at an event where Jennie Rayment was speaking. She inspired me to consider putting a bit of texture into my quilting.  I havent done anything yet, but made this little sample of twisted pleats the next day while I was still pumped up and full of ideas………hope they come to pass.20150515_180637
This is all I I I. Thanks are due to all the gifted and talented quilters who design and inspire me. My part is to enjoy doing the quilty things.
Today is sunny and bright.  To finish off I have a pic to leave with you.  I did not take it, but it has such awe factor, I thought you would enjoy it.  Thank you all who follow and are patient with my ramblings, or lack of them.  I will try to do better.


  1. Congratulations on Pondhouse. Your Safe Harbor is beautiful too. Nice swap on your ALQS9 - both coming and going!

    1. Ok. Mary. Senile confusion setting in here. I have blogged about ALQS, Doh!