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Saturday, 11 August 2012

A tragedy..just a small one.

As tragedys go it is a mere blip, but I could have cried.  I saw a pattern for a little quilt by a lady called Helen Hazon.  I liked it, so tried my version with fabrics from my stash collection of fabric.  All seemed to be going well.  Helen's version had black ric rac.  I had some RED which matched my dark fabric.
I added a touch of colour to the back.
When I mark fabric I use frixion pens by Pilot.  The marks can be removed after stitching by applying heat ie a hairdryer or AN IRON :(
I usually blow warm air on, it works a charm.  This time I thought I would give it a pat with THE IRON. ric rac wasnt cotton...the IRON got covered in red melted ric rac and transferred it to my geese. 
 I'm too far on to start and rip back.  I will keep it and love it but feeling BAD.
That's me... today... 11th August 2012.
Another lesson learned the hard way:[


  1. Oh no! That's something I would never have considered a possible problem! On the plus side, your quilting looks fab, and it's a gorgeous quilt :o)

  2. So sorry to hear about your "tragedy"! Give it a wash, once the quilt is finished. Maybe some will come off. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Oh no! I cringed with you but it doesn't look too bad in the photo...Maybe like Vreni says some of it might come off with washing and use. Maybe use a color catcher when you wash it incase the red ric rac runs (try saying that fast!).

  4. What a shame. Who would have tought about that?