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Saturday, 15 May 2010

One more step

In life we learn lots of lessons. I have just learned how to blog. Never too late to try something new.


  1. Congratulations for starting a blog. I'm also pretty new at this blogging lark but so far it's been lots of fun. Best of luck and I'm looking forward to coming back and seeing what you are up to. Cheers Vreni

  2. Hi Barbara Welcome to Blogland.
    I started a blog 3 years ago and never thought it would last but here I am and still enjoying it every day.
    I found your name through the Little quilt swap when I was just checking in to see what quilts have been finished.
    I have just finished mine and will take a photo tomorrow and send it to Kate.
    Blogging is a great way to "meet" people and I have made a lot of wonderful friends because of it.
    Feel free to ask me if you need any help with anything.
    Doreen in Australia.

  3. Hi Doreen. I am still a bit slow on the uptake, but getting there. It is lovely to see pics of the work others do. Such an inspiration. Thank you for your comment. Barbara in N Ireland.