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Saturday, 30 July 2011

summer things

 First thing a significant birthday at beginning of June. This quilt themed cake was nearly too nice to eat...I said nearly.... it was delicious.
 On the birthday with my kids.
 Another day and my grandson rescued this......
 from this rascal....Amber.

Then a lovely wedding, where the bride made all the floral arrangements, even her bouquets. Look closely, not a fresh flower in sight.

Then another birthday in July. GS has eyes only for the chocolate cake.  It is his mum's 39th.  Have I really made her 39 chocolate cakes..............oooooh!!

Well, June and July have been busy.  With birthdays and sunshine days away, not much stitching done.

We spent a few days at the north coast last weekend.  The weather was glorious.  I even braved travelling in a boat to Rathlin Island.  Not a lover of boats, but it was a great trip.
The Lock keeper's house.

This morning my 2nd D and I had a good walk along the old Newry canal towpath. It was a beautiful morning.  There was masses of this plant along the canal.  It looks like a wild orchid. The canal is only used by canoeists and fishermen now.  Once it was a busy trade route.

I have done some stitching. ALQS6 is on the go. A little glimpse.......


  1. Happy belated birthday. What an adorable cake!!!!

    It sounds like you have been busy celebrating birthdays all summer.

    Love the start on your ALQS6. I need to get mine moving too.

  2. You had a very busy summer indeed, but a very happy one it seems. Congratulations belatedly to your "significant" birthday (what a lovely cake, by the way).
    PS: I started my ALQS 6 yesterday too, but I'm not as far as you are.

  3. Happy birthday to you and your daughter, and congrats on the wedding. It does look like a busy summer for you. Beautiful cake!

  4. What an awesome cake! It sounds like you have been busy!