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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

I Must Do Better.

I haven't Blogged for a long time.  Finally the guilt got me.  I really enjoy following and reading many blogs on the www.  There is such a wealth of special gifts and talents on show.  I have been absorbing everything, but not sharing.  Now I am not having a pity party, but I have had cataract on my right eye, and, for the past 10 or 11 months it reached the point of impacting on everyday life.  I couldn't drive, which I missed.  I didn't enjoy going out, even to my local QS, horror of horrors, as I couldn't enjoy the colours and patterns.  The Good News is, I have had my surgery and all is now so much clearer.  I am enjoying the colourful life again.

I did make this quilt during my difficult misty days, with a lot of peering closely at the work.  I am now able to enjoy the colours.  It is finished and longarm quilted by Nicola Doherty of Old Schoolhouse Quilts.  I thought I had a photo on my phone, will double check that. This is just a start.  I plan and hope to have more input into the Blogosphere from here on.


  1. That is a pretty sight for your eyes! I remember my in laws and my mom talking about the brilliant colors post cataract surgery. Enjoy the colorful life!

    1. Thank You Mary. You are always so quick to encourage.

  2. I too will be having that surgery once my spider bite clears. I look like an antibiotic already lol. Lovely quilt