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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Post from Jess

Hi everyone. Look what lovely things I got in the post from Jess of Scrappy n Happy. I won the mug rug in her giveaway. It was wrapped in this beautiful paper. . . . .

which was double sided, with a lovely design on the inside too. Then when I opened it there was a surprise along with the gorgeous mugrug. Jess sent me some of the fabric she used for binding. I am sooooo blessed. Thank you Jess.

I put one of my favourite china mugs on it to show it off to the family. There is no coffee in it. Some day I will summon up courage to use it with a real drink of coffee. It is so pretty I just want to look at it and stroke that lovely fabric. This just made a sunny day even brighter.

Happy me.


  1. It is lovely and I really like the darker colors as they don't show the spills. She did a wonderful job on it.

  2. I'm glad you like it Barbara! I just got a mug rug from a swap I am in and I don't think I can use it either!