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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A rescue and QAL

Hello Ladies (and gents if any)
Now where do I start.  First of all. I finally got aroung to trying to rescue my little quilt.  Remember the small tragedy of the melted ric rac?  I unpicked the melty ric rac, washed the quilt and dried it.  The smear of red melted ric rac is still there, if you look closely.  I havent added any more trim, as I am still deciding what to do. 
goodbye melty ric rac
Also, I am taking part in How far will you go QAL by Jess of Scrappy-n-happy and Jess of the elven garden .  It is an eye opener for me.  I have done so much ripping out  reverse stitching, and still not happy with some blocks.  I realise paper piecing and I have a long way to go.....but we're getting there slowly.

Here's my tale of block 4. The St Louis Star.
I havent done much in the way of paper piecing, so it took a while to get my head around where to place the fabric ( Jess, I didnt follow your method.....bad quilter)
I kept going, and behold I made something that looked really good (in my eyes)
I think I could get to like this :) :)
THE NEXT STAGE I DIDNT PHOTOGRAPH.  I couldnt get all those centre points to meet nicely. Boo Hoo :(
So out came the seam ripper....or to be exact my fine embroidery scissors.
Stitched once more I could  hardly bear to peep after ironing it
It's still not great.   Such a lovely block deserves better than this.
I'm not ripping again though.  Thankfully I need only one of these, sooooo upward and onward. I have one of block five to make and three of block six to catch up. 
I am enjoying this QAL so much though.  Thank you Jess and Jess.


  1. Your St. Louis star looks much better than mine! I've ripped it apart several times but it seems to get worst not better each time ;(. Oh well! xx

  2. Your star looks great. I gave up on the QAL after the 2nd block when the measurements were off. I like your fabric choices in yours.

  3. Im so glad you're enjoying the QAL! My St. Louis star is giving me a headache too - yours looks way better than mine!

  4. It is a tricky block...mainly because of all those seams coming onto the centre. If you don't like it you can always make an extra of one of the other 10" blocks to replace it!