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Thursday, 13 September 2012

caught up

I have been busy trying to catch up with my blocks for How far will you go QAL.  I have been enjoying it so much, even, and especially when I get it all wrong and still like the results.  Dont know if I am breaking all the rules here, but I am having fun doing it. Roll on Friday when I get the next block pattern.
This is the one where I went wrong........ should look like this.   Do you see what is different.  The wrong un is going anticlockwise because I made my 'diamond' the wrong way.  I do like it tho, so am going to keep it in my quilt.
We got new floor covering in the kitchen because of damage from a leaking water pipe, so we felt that the pets water bowl needed something more posh than yesterday's newspaper to sit on.  The reason for the paper was Amber's habit of pulling the bowl with her paw so she could watch the water move (and slop over the side).  Sooooo.....I cut a towel in half and made a couple of mats with doggie fabric I had just hanging around.  Amber doesnt seem to mind that there are no cats on view.  She thinks she is human anyway.  She always comes to the kitchen when the kettle is turned on.  Do you think she would like a cup of tea.

Amber cat and Penny Dachsie .......there's that camera again....cant she just sit down with a cuppa...Good Idea.  x x


  1. I like it too, your "wrong" block! It really doesn't matter, does it? It's looking great by the way. I'm still not caught up with mine and tomorrow we'll already get a new pattern. Your "menagerie" is cute!

  2. Love your blocks...I didn't even notice that one was different until you said!
    I think having fun should be a rule! Maybe the only rule LOL

  3. The block is gorgeous!

    Cute little ones too. Was the mat appreciated?