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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy

I couldnt believe when I checked, that my last blog was wishing everyone a Happy Christmas.
Where have those 4 or 5 months gone.  I was a bit out of sorts for a couple of them, dealing with a viral infection which robbed me of my energy.  When I started to recover I really wanted to make something, but didnt have the 'get up and go' to measure and cut carefully.  I spotted this style of block made from scrap strips, so pulled out my scraps and just sewed and theraputic. I called it liquorice alsorts, as the fabric in the centre of each block was just that...liquorice allsorts sweets on a pink background.
Sorry the photography was not so good.  This went to the local branch of Linus Project along with this little quilt which I had started, and found the energy to finish.  I was on the way to recovery.

 My mum had her 90th birthday, and requested no gifts, but her birthday tea was on Mothering Sunday, so I made her this cushion.
You can also see the corner of a little tray cloth in the same fabric.  My Aunt and Uncle are expecting the arrival of thier first great-grandchild soon.  I had a suitable boy quilt, so I made a girl one so I have all options covered...unless they have two of the same kind.

None of these were very taxing on my energy, so I gained such satisfaction from making them.
Then Easter came around and I sent these little fabric nests to my neighbour's children.

                    The adults got a little bit of spring, which was taking it's time to arrive this year.
The weather has at last a feel of summer about it.  Warm, and everything is green and growing. This mini mum produced a lovely colt, and they are enjoying the good weather too.

We enjoyed a trip to Lough Erne and Castle Coole yesterday, and I spotted these lovely primroses everywhere.  They remind me of my childhood days at my grandmother's house.

I have had another go at finishing my Pond House by Lynette Anderson.  I think I may get it finished this year.  In between however I made a couple of wall hangings for my special friends who feed me gorgeous suppers once a month.

Whew!...that was a marathon blog.  I plan to keep up ......well, I hope to keep up from now on. xx


  1. those little fabric nests are so cute and it was SO nice of you to do it for the neighbors.

    1. Thank you Beth. I enjoyed making them.

  2. How lovely to hear from you again and to see what you've been up to in the last few month. A lot it seems ;). Glad you got over that nasty virus and that you have your energy back. Love all you projects, especially the fabric nest you've made for your neighbour's kids. And your liquorice allsortts is amazing. Such lovely colours. And what a lovely gift you made for your mum's 90th birthday (Happy Birthday to your mum).

  3. Thank you Vreni for your lovely comments.

  4. Glad you are feeling better Barbara! And it looks like you have been quite productive too, Your mum must feel very loved receiving such a thoughtful gift!