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Thursday, 16 May 2013

May....thinking December

Hi everyone. The title of my post might have a little to do with the weather.  Though it is sunny from time to time, it is still cold here.  It also might have a little to do with my planning ahead thoughts.  My girls all admire my Christmas throw each year, so my little brain cells told me, 'make them each one of their own'.  Here I am then burrowing down into my box of Christmas fabrics and patterns and coming up with some ideas. A square in square block sounds simple.  Think I'll start with that. 
I also have some light fabrics I could use as centres and team up with red or green.  Yes, that sounds like the beginning of something.  As you can see I am not big on planning at all, but making it up as it goes along.  Well, watch this space....
Our church group made this banner to remember a dear friend who lost her battle with cancer a few years ago.
It will be on show this weekend for the first time.

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