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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunshine,horses, a little fabric and some stitching.

Well, sunshine AND warmth. Summer is here. Mr C and I took a short trip to where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea.  A beautiful day.

A few day later we visited Castleward.  I loved this gateway to the Strangford Lough shore. In the house I noticed this quilt on the bed.  It didn't seem to have a middle layer, and was bound with velvet. Nice.
Here is the horse bit....ha joke intended. The little mini, Daisy, below was bred by my daughter. Her present owner loves her and she helps him keep busy in retirement.
From little to large. Mollie, below is also progeny of D3's stallion. She is only 3yrs old and an amazing girl. Her owner Hannah looks quite small beside her.

Here is Connor, resting in the trailer under the chestnut tree.

My final horsey news. D1 riding Mac by the lake in our local park.  All these pics were taken during the Agricultural show. We had a great day.


This week D2 and I had a few days in Scotland.  The glorious sunny weather just made the trip so good.  Above is the view from Edinburgh Castle.
Spotted the peacock at the gates of Pittencrief Glen in Dunfermline my mum's home town.  It is the last of a group (what do you call a group of peacocks) that roamed the Glen, and even ventured into the High Street to beg treats from the local baker.
Of course no trip would be complete without a little bit of retail therapy.  I spotted these packs of Batiks in John Lewis and the threads just seemed to belong with them :-)

I have done a little stitching. D2 needed a protective bag for her embroidery frame.

I had the piece of fabric left from a jelly roll top I tried some time ago.  We also have had a plastic bag tax imposed recently, so I made a few fold up shoppers for those who aim to avoid the tax and the plastic scourge. I cant see the pics just now, but will search them out for next blog.
And, these little fellas are a big attraction on the lake.  Mum and dad are very attentive.


  1. The "horsey" pictures are just beautiful.

    I am sure you had a fabulous visit to Scotland. We loved it when we have visited in the past.

  2. I looks like you live in such a lovely place Barbara! The horses are gorgeous too and I am not a horsey person, allergic, but I still admire them.