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Monday, 24 June 2013

More June stuff

I have just had a look at my camera, and found a few things to blog about.  June wasn't all rain, thankfully we had some crazy hot days....when I hide and put sunblock on....never satisfied.  Kaaren of The Painted Quilt took us on a lovely walk in her garden the other day.  I don't have such a big garden, but like her, the cool spring meant we had bloom on our plants a little longer.  The Azalea finally bloomed and did not disappoint....ooohh I don't believe it. I had two lovely pics of the blooms and I deleted them from the camera.  What a fool.  Oh, well. I still have some pics to show
Here is Amber, helping me to take some photos. She loves to be involved in everything we do.
We planted out some containers as usual.  The old wheelbarrow was made by a friend who was our neighbour's father, and we plant it out each year in memory of him. You can still see the remains of the Azalea bloom in the background.

I love Irises. They don't last long though.

We took a walk along the tow path on Wednesday and saw the swan family in the old canal.  Everything is overgrown and a real haven for bringing up babies. This other fella gave us a look of distain for disturbing his grazing.  I think he is a Llama.  There were three of them with a couple of sheep and one or two calves.  A mini farm.

Remember I said about the shoppers I made. Well, I found the photos.

This afternoon I pottered about in my New sewing room.  New, because I finally took the bed out and gave it to D2.  She can keep any guests who come to visit :-)
I got myself an office chair with wheels.  It is very comfortable and gives my back some support when sewing.  Do you see that I am thinking of Autumn.  The scarecrow/pumpkin fabric was a gift a few years ago, so I have finally decided to make something with this space.

The scrappy bits you see on the chair may become something.  I'm not pleased with them so they are going to 'rest' in a basket somewhere til I decide their fate. July is just around the corner. School will be out, and I will be enjoying the company of my granddaughter a few days each week.  Bye for now. Bx


  1. The garden looks so pretty. I love the iris too, but they don't last long enough.

    Yeah for more sewing space.

  2. I love the look of the shopping bag! Is there a pattern for that?