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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

DB 12

One and only son came for a visit.  He does live in the same town, but is off to work very early in the mornings and too wrecked to socialise (with his mum and dad) at night.  We went to see how the stable painting is going on. Sorry I didn't take any pics. 
Amber and I had fun trying to take a 'selfie' . Did you know that is what  a picture of yourself taken with your phone is called.  I didn't until recently. Amber always tries to get in on the action at the computer, so I tried the selfie.  Think I will need to practice.

Later I got down to some more blocks for Happy Scrappy Spring.  I had a lovely stitchy afternoon.

Made some golden geese.


  1. Now there is a face to put to your name! Selfish are difficult to take, I am never happy with how I look in them!

    1. It's a bit too close for comfort can see all the seams, haha.