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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Gift bag, Tidy Mags, Pride goes before.......

Hi Everyone.  I have been busy this past week, trying to finish Happy Scrappy Spring and a couple of other small projects.  First, I was out shopping in TKMax, where you can buy almost anything, at the right price, when I came across this little package of, guess what, 100% cotton fabric.  Just had to buy it.
I put a pic on Facebook of my almost finished HSS. I was so pleased with the result of my labours.
This is not the pic of the wrong stitched bit. This bit is fine.
HOWEVER, when I went today to add the second to last side border, I found that I had sewn 3 of the chequered sashing strips UPSIDE DOWN.  The side border didn't match up......... What did I do?
Got out the trusty reverse stitcher, and undid all the wrong pieces.  Talk about pride going before a fall.  I am happy to say I have all stitched back together the right way up, and only one side to do to finish the piecing.  I'm not going to take a pic until all finished.  Don't want to repeat my mistake.  That's what I get for not following Kaaren's directions carefully.
Last night I was out with some girlfriends to celebrate a special birthday (not mine). We gave the birthday girl some vouchers for her favourite shop.  To make it a little prettier, I made a fabric gift bag, called lunch sack gift bag ( pattern at ) and added a mugrug and perfumed sachet.  We had a great time and ate too much delicious food. Lots of fun and laughter.
I tidied my favourite magazines today.  There is room at the end for another magazine box I think.
These are just the mags I cant possibly part with.  There are so many lovely quilts to admire, and think about making for day.
Love to all. Nite nite.




  1. What a shame to have to unsew all those seams!

    I like your fancy fabric bag. It makes the gift extra special.

  2. Thanks Mary. I think it keeps me humble. I was too smart for my own boots, and didn't follow instructions.