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Thursday, 5 September 2013


Hello again.  Another beautiful day again.  A lovely start to the Autumn months.  I did my food shop this morning, then paid a wee visit to my local fabric shop The Cotton Shed where I had a great chat with Anna, 3yrs going on 23.  As her mum measured out  some fabric Anna was having a great time chatting to the ladies, and.......cutting through a retractable tape measure.  Scissors confiscated, she did try to mend the tape by pushing the end back into the case.  It was so funny. All the while she kept up a constant chatter.  Made my day, as I don't have any little ones about the house now.
Sorry, no pics today.  I continued to work on Happy Scrappy Spring.  Sorry this blog is such a mess, it saved in drafts instead of posting, so it is appearing in the wrong order.  Oh, dear, I am a silly blogger.


  1. haha... I was wondering what happened to yesterday's post as I saw that you posted but when I opened your blog there was nothing there! It can happen to the best of us ;)!!!

  2. Sounds like good entertainment! Always more enjoyable when it is someone else's child too!

  3. I'm sure the cut was not good for the tape measurer or the scissors!