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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

DB 5

Good morning Blogging Friends.  I have been thinking.....This could be a bit boring after a while.  No, I am not trying to wriggle out of it.  I plan to keep going for two weeks at most, then I will hopefully keep up to date weekly.  There's not enough in each day to enthral you.  See what agony I am going to spare you.  Today is quite a beautiful day here.  I have been out checking the garden, and watering some pots.  I can hardly believe we are getting such good weather.  These Iris which I rescued from an overgrown clump at the side of the house, think it is spring.  They are throwing up shoots.

The Hydrangea is blooming beautifully.

 The Joseph's coat is still going strong.  I love the green heart on the right.  These lillies multiply each year, and I love them, as they are so dainty.
This fellow has been on the edge of the path for some years now.  He was a gift from our grandchildren.  Amazingly, when there is heavy rain his little patch of grass becomes a pond, and he seems to be swimming.
I have had a lovely day stitching while hubby continues his marathon paint job at the stables.  Think I will sneak up on him tomorrow and take a pic.  This is what I have been sewing
 The redwork I have been doing is now finding its place in a quilt by Kaaren of The Painted Quilt. The flight of bendy ducks that I sewed yesterday are having a reprieve.  I think I have learned my lesson.....I am not perfect, and my work is not perfect either.  I will continue to try to improve, but the main thing is, I love what I am doing, so I will continue to sew less than perfect quilts and enjoy myself.  There is something very satisfying in seeing lovely fabrics come together in all kinds of patterns.  I think my rabbit with the egg looks a bit mad.  It is his eye.  He's saying, 'its all mine and I am NOT going to share'......greedy bunny.
Luv B xx


  1. No, it's not boring at all. Love you garden and the crocodile (alligator?) is a hoot. It must give your visitors a fright, especially when it's swimming in rain water. Great job on your red work. The bunnies are cute.

  2. This is a peek into your life! I love irises, I am growing some from seed. I get really excited when I can do that, i have grown hippiastrum, agapanthus and iris from seed.